Top Six Information about Psychological Health

Depression and tension and lots of other psychological problems can affect everyone from time to another, this kind of psychological problems has a lot of common negative effects that everybody knows about, but did you ever know that fast food might be a reason that can make you depressed? Or maybe the tension that you get sometimes might be a Genetic Reason? These might be uncommon and new reasons for us. But we have the modernist studies in the world about Psychological Health 
that you're going to learn about them from this article.

1-  Eating fast food can be a reason for getting depressed:

 The recent health and food magazine published a study that eating packaged baked products such as cookies and cupcake and donuts, fast food such as pizza and burger are related to causing depression 51 % Comparing to those who don't eat any of these foods.

2-    Dealing with the community makes your mind more flexible:

 According to a recently published article in the journal Psychological and Social Sciences, it says those who do a lot of different social daily activities. Such as chess and playing football and swimming and running, all of these activities can totally strengthen your personality mentally and physically, they help you to get rid of tension.

3. Genes can cause tension:

Modern studies refer to Psychological Health they say, that there are some persons that have fewer Genes that are related to tension. They have the ability to face tension, this might help incidence of depression and anxiety to be reduced.

4. Excessive anxiety affects the health of the heart and circulatory system:

There's a study published in the Canadian Journal of Psychological Health, conducted over the past three years on people with depression and anxiety, stress, that people with overload anxiety are more likely to have strokes.

5- Healthy and strong body reduces Symptoms of depression:

Another more study conducted on two over-weighted women in the hospital of Psychological Healththeir ages are from 43-65 years old, and this study says that after they had lost weight they got rid of symptoms of depression.

6- Omega 3 is useful in getting rid of depression:

 Omega-3 fatty acids are available in fish, Walnut and flaxseed have many health benefits in addition to their ability to help treat depression and keep healthy brain cells. It's a good healthy resource to get rid of symptoms of depression as fast as possible.

Get rid of depression: 

 Set a couple of hours to spend with your family, Spending time with a family is one of the most important things that we all should do daily , family can have an important role to help you get rid of depression by jokes that can crack you up.

  • Turn off watch your TV and play games with your friends 
  • Get to know new friends and talk to them 
  • Ask your friend out to have dinner together 
  • Go on a trip to somewhere in your country that you have never visited 
  • Try to learn how to cook new kinds of different foods 
  • You can learn another language, listen to the music you like the most 
  • Hang out with your friends that you have not seen for a while