The eighth month of pregnancy, Useful tips for safe birth

That happy moment that you have been waiting for, is getting closer, now it's the eighth month of pregnancy which is 31 weeks, 4 weeks left to meet your new cute baby, the fetus keeps always moving in your womb in the eighth month of pregnancy in order to confirm their final position before birth, the fetus's head keeps pressing on the bladder area that makes you want to pee, at this advanced stage of pregnancy, you should be aware not cause early labor pains that occur for five minutes per hour, it's recommended to go to the hospital in this case directly, or even if you get a sign of water breaking.

The growth of the fetus in the eighth month of pregnancy:

- In this month the fetus is able to move their eyelids, their head slides down.

- At the end of the ninth month, the weight of the fetus is up to 3 Kg or lesser than this a little bit, while their height becomes almost 45 Cm.

- Throughout this stage, the bones of the fetus become much stronger except their bones of the skull because that facilitates the process of birth.

- The fetus gains weight quickly in the eighth month of pregnancy, their skin becomes much softer, it gets the pink color, and the lungs are fully developed.

Useful tips for pregnant women in the eighth months of pregnancy:

- Don't stress yourself out; don't stand for a long time, cut back on drinking tea and coffee in order to reduce your swollen feet.

- It is important during this period to do checkups NST (fetal distress) and GBS (Pap smears) tests to avoid bacterial infection during childbirth.

- In this period you might feel worried about what's waiting soon for you, especially if this is your first birth, calm yourself down by talking to women that experienced this before.

- You should be committed to the gynecologist that follows your pregnancy, at least once a week in order to check you, to check your baby's condition with a plan for how to give birth.

- You should eat as much as you can to make your baby have a good health, eating vegetables helps a lot, vegetables give you and your baby nutrition, vegetables make you both much stronger, better. 

Driving a car:

- It's better for pregnant women not to drive cars in the final months of pregnancy, especially the ninth month of pregnancy in order to avoid putting her fetus's life and hers in danger.

Having sex with your husband:

- The Gynecologist is the one who can decide that having sex in the ninth month of pregnancy is dangerous or no, so you better consult him.

Keep your nipples clean:

- One of the worst mistakes that pregnant women make in the ninth month of pregnancy, is they neglect their nipples during pregnancy, that makes your baby suffer from breastfeeding.

- Every pregnant woman should moisten both of them by the creams who are related to this matter, but you should consult your gynecologist first, So as not to be cracked and infections during breastfeeding