Optimal Tips for Pregnancy

Optimal Tips for Pregnancy
Hi, we got some tips about pregnancy to share with pregnant women. Pregnancy period is considered as one of the most difficult things for women, most of the pregnant women are eagerly waiting to see their baby for the first time, we know how much it is important for you to get your baby totally healthy; don't ever be upset about it because you're going to get the optimal results from our website.

How to Avoid Aborting My Fetus in the First Weeks of Pregnancy?

Well. As you know about this, it's important to be careful of taking care of your moves while the first weeks of Pregnancy, because this might cause abortion to your fetus. It's clear that the fetus grows up in the womb. First things first avoid carrying heavy things. You can easily ask your hubby to do this instead of you. Don't ever try to dance whatever the reason is.

Avoid sleeping on your belly. You should not have sex with your husband/fiancĂ© because the fetus needs to be stable/steady in your womb. So you better follow up with a gynecologist until you give birth in order to make sure that the health of the fetus is good. You better sleep on your back as much as you can. Exerting effort is not a good thing to do at all.

Top 5 tips for the first 3 months of pregnancy

Don't ever take any medical pills whatever the reason is, because it causes deformations and birth defects to the fetus during your first three months of pregnancy, try as much as you can to stop drinking hot drinkables such as (Tea, Coffee) because it absorbs the nutrition value of food. Thus the fetus doesn't benefit from its value at all.

You better not put lots of spices in the food you will have/eat. Have like five light meals per day, In order to reduce each meal. Avoid traveling as much as you can especially to wrong places such as the 
beach and safari, Avoid wearing heels during your pregnancy not to trip yourself up.

  • · Don't ever watch horror movies. 
  • · Don't take a shower with cold or hot water. It Should be warm at least 
  • · It's better off if the period of taking your shower doesn't exceed 20 minutes.
  • · You should directly dry every part of your body after taking your shower
  • · You should avoid wearing tight clothes during the pregnancy.
  • · Don't play any kind of sport during the first three months of pregnancy.

Iimportant foods in the first three months of pregnancy:

Citrus fruits: such as (Orange, Lemmon) they protect the fetus from birth defects and deformations. All of these kinds of vegetables/foods are a good healthy resource for the body. All of these foods that we are going to mention are very important for you as a pregnant. 

1- all kinds of nuts help your body increase the portion rate 
2-  Eat eggs & milk yogurt, cheese, cream, etc. Because they're very important 
3- Broccoli & chicken you should regularly eat them three times a week at least
4- eat all kinds of vegetables it doesn't matter whether they're cooked or uncooked
5-  Drinking water is very important for your body as a pregnant woman.