Five Beneficial Tips for Eating Healthy Food

 To eat healthy food and to be on a balanced diet is such an important thing to do in order to have a good health, It can help you feel much better, It doesn't seem that difficult to be a healthy person at all though, all you should do is to follow these eight tips to protect your health from getting worse over years.

These are the tips which are going to help you be healthy:

 you should eat the suitable amount of Calories to be able to make a balance between the energy you consume with the energy you use, 

If you eat & drink a lot then you will gain weight, but if you don't eat & drink a lot then you will lose weight and become much healthier and thinner,      

The normal man needs 2،500 of Calories per day (10,500 kJ), while a normal woman needs 2،000 of Calories per day (8,400 kJ), most of the adults eat Calories more than they need, actually they need to eat less.

You should actually eat a variety of food in order to make sure to be a balanced diet to help your body get all the nutrients it needs.

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These actual tips cover all the basics of healthy foods; it might also help you choose the correct options.

Make your meal depend on Starchy foods:

Starchy foods must form 35 % of the foods that you eat, Starchy foods include (Yam, Seeds, Macaroni, Rice, and bread)

you should choose the whole grain varieties or eat yam with its husks if you can do that, because it contains more fiber, it can make you feel full for a long time, and all of us must eat starchy foods. 

Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit: 

It's recommended to eat at least five meals of a variety of fruit and vegetables daily, it's much easier than it really seems.

Because a cup of unsweetened fruit juice equals one meal, as that cooked vegetables are also counted.

Maybe you can chop banana with breakfast cereals, or you can also exchange your middle of the day snack bar with a couple of different fruit.

Eat a lot of Fish:

Fish are a resource of protein; fish contain a lot of minerals and vitamins, try to eat fish at least twice a week including one meal of oily fish because oily fish contain Omega 3 fats that may help to reduce the heart disease.

Cut back on eating foods that contain fats and sugar:

We all need foods that contain fats, but you have to be aware of the amount and the type of fats that you always eat.

there are two main types of Saturated and unsaturated fats, A big amount of saturated fats can be a reason for increasing blood cholesterol, it can cause to have heart disease.

 Finding lots of fats in the saturated eatables you eat such as hard cheeses, cakes, biscuits, sausage, cream, butter, lard, and pancakes.

Stop adding less salt to the food: 

Even if you stop adding salt to the food you cook, Three-quarters of the packaged products that we buy to eat contain salt such as

 Breakfast cereals, Soups, Bread, sauces, overload salt leads to high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure can have heart disease or strokes.